Smart Women Create the Right Environment

Recently, I took a road trip with my family from Los Angeles to Napa Valley, California. During my trip, I learned that it requires another environment (soil, temperature, irrigation) to develop various kinds of grapes to make wine. By way of example, you can’t create a terrific tasting chardonnay when you’re in an environment that produces great Pinot Noir. This got me thinking about how important our environment is if we’re creating something new in our own lives.

Most of us have dreams and ideas that we would like to manifest. It might be starting a new business, a new connection, a fitness routine, a new profession, etc.. What I have seen in many people (including myself at times) is that we create a plan to achieve our dreams and thoughts, but often fail to create an environment which encourages our road to success. We have both an outside environment and an inner environment.

Your outside environment is your house, your workplace, the area in which you reside, and relationships you have with other men and women. Your inner environment is the authentic self, your inner voice – your heart. Today I will share some ideas with you about your outside environment. As you reflect on your outside environment, does this spark your creativity? Do you feel at ease and”at home” in such environments or do they create anxiety and stress? Three months ago, I’d have replied stress and anxiety when asked that question.

We moved into a new house in March and like most girls that are busy wearing many hats – spouse, mother, entrepreneur, etc. – a lot of things weren’t getting done. After some deliberation, Greg and I made a decision to hire a professional organizer, Julie Gardner, to encourage us in creating an environment that offers stability, respite, and a place where we could envision a future for ourselves and our kids.

I have written about the practice of”letting go” in prior articles. You need to let go so as to make the space for something new in your life. A Smart Woman knows when she needs assistance. Julie”interviewed” Greg and me to find out what we wanted to accomplish and when we were really prepared to proceed in creating the environment we spoke about. We were, and we understood that we needed help. Among the huge reflections for me in this procedure has been studying how to navigate the past, present, and future. My struggle with”letting go” of things in my past has been keeping me from stepping in my life and my chances for the future.

When we”hold on” to everything from our past, we can’t become fully present or imagine the future. Why? Since we want”space” to allow us to create an environment that will encourage us as we step into a passionate, purposeful, meaningful future. Do the people in your life make you feel calm, calm, and”at home”? Or do you find your existing relationships stressful and anxiety-producing? Perhaps it’s time to experience the process of”holding on” or”letting go” of them as well. So as to understand your dreams and thoughts, you will need to surround yourself with those who champion you – people who believe you hung the moon. I ask you to take some time this summer to assess your external environment.

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